Bulletin Board Ideas About Careers

Bulletin boards help reinforce learning, add a decorative touch to the room, and are fun class projects. Here are a few elementary school bulletin board ideas about careers. These are ideal for 2nd – 6th grade classrooms.

Science Career Collage

While this one would be perfect for a science classroom, it is great for any room. Assign children to write the names of various science careers such as agronomist, physician, nurse, chemical engineer, pathologist, etc. Then, find pictures online (search on Yahoo images) of people working in the field. You can also assign the students to draw pictures of the jobs. Underneath the photos, write a brief description of the job. For an added touch, make a giant microscope in the background.

If you need job ideas to include, read “High Demand Science Jobs that Pay Over $60,000 a Year”, and “Jobs in the Medical Field Without a Bachelor’s Degree.”

Helping Careers Collage

A second idea is make a collage of careers where you help others. You can write a phrase such as “Like to Help Others? Consider These Career Choices.” Have your students write the names of the jobs, as well as a short description.

For a list of some careers to consider, read “Job Ideas for People Who Like to Help Others.”

Animal Jobs Collage

Many elementary students love animals. One cute bulletin board idea, is to create a collage of careers for people who enjoy animals. You should find several photos online to print out and decorate with. For a list to get you started, take a look at “Jobs for People Who Like Animals.” This is a great one to display children’s pictures on.

“I Want to Be….”

A forth idea is to assign your students to write about what they want to be when they grow up. Younger children may draw pictures as well. If you have lots of free time, try to take photos of each child and superimpose him/her into the background of that workplace setting. For example, if a child wants to be a cook, you can add a chef hat, and have him/her in a kitchen. If he/she wants to be a doctor, add a white coat on him/her, etc. (If you have a friend who is a graphic artist, he/she might be able to help you.)

Job Ideas for People Who Like to Travel

Last, but not least, you can create a collage of jobs where you travel. This is great for a geography classroom. You can add a plane and/or suitcase for the background for the title. Some jobs to include are pilot, cruise ship worker, stewardess and travel nurse,

These are just five bulletin board ideas for your elementary school classroom. For more advice and insight, ask on a message board. Read this article here for a list. Happy Teaching!

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