to my problems with love,

you love to address each one with severity

humorous to you, hilarity

do you think it’s a joke

do you think it’s funny

to treat people this way

keep it up, your friends won’t stay

bully me, bully me

come on, give me another tease

bully me, bully me

as long as you please

I am so far gone, not even Google can find me

insane in the brain, ever since you came

arrived, I hope you’re satisfied

you turned me inside out, anatomy

too bad I got a C, ‘cuz I can’t see why this happens to me

I’m an anomaly

strange how I thought my life would be

if I wasn’t me

bully me, bully me

it’s me you want to condemn

bully me, bully me

as long as you don’t bully them

I can’t help the way I am,

like you can’t help the fact you’re mean

I mean, you strongly dislike me

hate, if you asked you would’ve known

wait, I wouldn’t tell you if you asked

question my motives, would it make a difference?

change your point of view,

see the world in my shoes

my shoes are worn

walked a mile or two

to get away from you

bully me, bully me

what you do is wrong

bully me, bully me

I can take it, I’m strong

you can’t stop me, I’m unstoppable

can’t hide what I feel inside

try to break free of the lies

you’re not cool

you’re not hot

you’re a coward

you thrive on the hate you allocate

afraid to be bullied the way you do

bully me, bully me

bully so poor

bully me, bully me

bully no more

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