Calico Canyon by Mary Connealy

Calico Canyon is the 2nd book in the Lassoed in Texas series. While these books don’t necessarily need to be read in order, it does help a tiny bit if they are. At least, some side stories make more sense that way.

The same day after being fired from her job as schoolteacher because of the rowdy Reeves boys, Grace finds herself fleeing town as her abusive adoptive father has finally tracked her down. She stows away in the back of a wagon and later wakes up to find herself in the home of the Reeves and their just as rascally father. Because of the odd circumstances the preacher finds them in, they are married quickly to prevent scandal and then find themselves snowed in with each. Not such a bad ending? Well not when they can’t stand each other. In addition to having to try to live with each other, Grace must also worry about her pursuer and if he really truly is gone from her life now that she is married.

I like Grace as a character. She’s got a lot of spunk and is one of the stronger female characters within the series. At least she doesn’t waver as much in her convictions as the other ones. Daniel Reeves is a little less likable. He’s kind of a grouch and prone to highly illogical thinking at times. The boys could be cute at times but fought way too much to be believable and I often got tired of the countless descriptions of their wrestling around with each other. Grace’s father was a truly despicable man and it was a pleasure to hate him throughout the novel.

The plot was good. Could have used more excitment earlier in but it really starts gearing up in the second half of the book. This one wasn’t so much of a romance as the others as there was not a lot of wooing involved in this relationship. Like all the others this is a Christian fiction book and it does use it periodically throughout the novel. It wasn’t enough to be grating though and at least, unlike some of her others, it was used logically.

Not the best of Connealy’s work but it wasn’t too bad either. Definitely held my attention for the entire time I was reading it.

Calico Canyon
Copyright 2008
284 pages

Review by M. Reynard 2011

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