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No one wants to purchase a new cell phone only to see it dropped, dinged or scratched. With the advent of smart phones with their glass front screens, many owners have found that one case of butter fingers can lead to a spider webbed screen rendering their phone virtually unusable. Cell phone warranties don’t cover damage caused by regular use or misuse so owners need to be sure to purchase cell phone covers to protect their investments.

There are several types of cell phone covers and the one you choose will simply be a matter of your personal taste and style. Here are the most popular types of cell phone covers available.

Hard Plastic

These cell phone covers are made of a high quality, tough plastic that can withstand not so careful use. Plastic cell phone covers typically cover the entire back of your phone and part of the front, leaving the key pad and screen uncovered. Available for relatively low cost and in a wide variety of colors, these covers are one of the most popular among cell phone owners. The hard plastic covers, with their smooth surface, allow you to slide your phone into your pocket quite easily.


Rubberized or silicon covers give the phone a textured surface making them easy to hold in your hand. Like plastic covers, these will protect the back of your phone and, depending on your phones model, may cover the key pad as well. Remember, though, that your screen will be exposed and is not protected from scratches. Silicon covers are available in solid colors as well as patterns and are easy to change should you decide to change the look of your phone. One of the drawbacks of the rubberized cover is that it can make slipping your phone in and out of your pocket or purse a bit cumbersome due to its texture.


Leather cell phone covers are both stylish and durable. Leather covers are typically used for belt clip or holster style covers. Many people who are required to carry a cell phone for work opt for these covers as they look a bit more professional than brightly colored plastic cases. Some leather covers come with a clear plastic screen cover unlike the plastic or rubberized cell phone covers. By purchasing a leather cover, your entire phone is protected from its corners to its screen.


A more recent addition, skins are sticker-like covers that you apply directly to your phone. While they will protect your phone from scratches, they don’t offer much in the way of protection if your phone is dropped. Skins come in all manner of styles and can be found to fit almost any phone. There are many online stores that allow you to design your own skin with photos or graphics from your personal files. Once removed, skins do not leave behind any sticky residue.

No matter which of these cell phone covers you choose, be sure to remove the cover at least once a month and clean any dust that has accumulated in the cover or on your phone. Enclosing your phone in a cell phone cover will not only protect your phone from damage but will allow you to change the look of your phone as often as you like.

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