Charlie Sheen: Celebrity of 2011

Charlie Sheen, like him or not, is the top celebrity of 2011. He did what a true entertainer should do: entertain! He did not just dominate headlines he changed the culture and our popular phrases. Winning! Remember that one? Duh, of course you do. Sheen is also responsible for a new trend of drinking blood. Just as Ty Wiggington. Don’t worry it was just animal blood, so he is still cool with the Cullen clang.

Think about all of the major events and landmark achievements of 2011 and then think about what Charlie Sheen really accomplished. He did not win the Nobel Peace Prize or invent something that makes humanity better. Instead he went on a drug bender and later got fired from Two and a Half Men for mocking his boss. Yet, the news acted as if he had just invented the best thing since sliced bread, if that is even possible.

The fact that he was able to dominate the news and keep everyone tuning in for more showcases that he is good at what he does. Some expected rating for Two and a Half Men to plummet without Charlie Sheen. However, it is because of the ghost of Charlie Sheen that the show does well. Nobody watches Two and a Half Men because they are drawn to Ashton Kutcher. Heck, not even Demi More was drawn to Ashton Kutcher this year. It is to see what the cult show, thanks to Charlie Sheen, has become. If you could scan people’s thoughts while watching the new version, they would scream: Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen!

Charlie Sheen seems to be toning it down for 2012, so 2011 might stand as the most memorable year of Charlie Sheen. However, Sheen is working on a new show for FX called Anger Management. He could simply be recharging the batteries for his TV comeback. As long as there is a camera placed in front of Charlie Sheen, nobody really knows what to expect. Stay Tuned!

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