Chicago in Love

“Yes, Mom. I’m fine, Mom. I promise. I love you too, but I have to go.”

Kiersten hastily hung up her cell phone as she practically flew down the crowded street, her dress billowing behind her. Buildings towered above her and people rushed around her determined to reach their destinations. Her mother worried too much. She’d be fine here in Chicago. All by herself. All alone…….

Her recent move to the Windy City from her small home town had proven to be a big mistake. She had no money, no job, and no friends to speak of. Sure, she had met a nice guy who just happened to live a few doors down from her in her new apartment, but they had barely spoken since she’d first moved in. Daniel had helped her with some heavy boxes that she had been struggling with. Not that the boxes were too heavy, but Kiersten had seen this good-looking stranger and played the part of a damsel in distress.She was a good actress. She’d been practicing all her life.

“Thanks so much for your help. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been here.”

“No problem, anytime. My name’s Daniel. I’ve lived here forever, so if you need someone to show you around I’d be happy to.”

“Totally. I would love that. And my name’s Kiersten, by the way.”

He was so gorgeous with those deep green eyes and that lush, golden hair. They had flirted back and forth and exchanged phone numbers, but since then she hadn’t heard from her tall, dark, and handsome hero.

Oh well, she was a strong, independent woman and right now she had to worry about getting to her first casting call. First, she needed to find 175 North State Street. It was such luck that Kiersten had heard about the very infrequent open audition at the acclaimed Chicago Theatre. If she was late she felt as if she would just die.

Just then, she saw the Theatre rise up from around a congested corner. Its grandeur and historic marquee left her breathless. “Excuse me.” In her excited stupor, she almost crashed into an elderly woman and sent her groceries flying.

She approached the building and as she pushed the bar to enter through its double doors, Kiersten knew that this was her destiny. Across the majestic lobby and up the elegant staircase, she glided. A crowd was lined up down the hall, so nervously she waited her turn.

“Kiersten Chapman.” It was finally her moment in the spotlight after what seems like an eternity, but was probably only an hour. The magnificent auditorium dwarfed her and suddenly she didn’t know if her body would obey her brain and move. She choked down her fear, but the butterflies dancing in her stomach persisted in their pirouettes. Kiersten had been performing for most of her life, but now she was unsure of herself.

Just when she had essentially decided to run screaming from this most beautiful room, she caught a glimpse of the leading man who she’d be running her lines and dancing so passionately with. “Daniel.” So with a huge smile her face she confidently ascended the stairs to the stage. She knew that he too was her destiny.

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