Chicago Water Damage – Evolution of Technology

The phone rings at a water damage company and a service rep clears their throat before answering. They pick up the phone and answers with a polite tone “Thank you for calling XYZ Restoration. How can I help you?” On the other end is a frantic voice explaining how much water is accumulating in the basement. The service rep stops the caller and asks them to hold because they can’t find their pen. After a few minutes, the service rep gets back to the caller and asks for their name, address and a description of the problem, writing down everything the potential customer is saying. Finally, after writing down all the information, the service rep informs the customer that they will call back with a date and time a team can be sent because they have to look through the schedule book for an available opening. If the sound of this seems a bit behind the times, it most certainly is.

Today, things are much different. Telephones have multiple lines, usually connected through an elaborate network with capabilities most companies rarely use. Voice mail, call recording, caller ID, three-way-calling, and many other options make it easy for today’s service reps so they don’t have to ask some questions. Pen and paper are also outdated an only used because we still remember using them in school. Today, most information is entered into some software that stores all the details in a database. Don’t get bent out of shape, everything is database driven these days.

Computers have been making business easier but also making it more competitive. What used to require filing documents into a filing cabinet and writing appointments down on a schedule now are all done on the computer. Even in the field of water damage restoration, where moisture is usually a computer’s worst enemy, computer manufacturers have made some models waterproof. Smart devices like iPhone and Android based mobile phones can do more than allow two people to talk to each other. These devices allow pictures to be taken, uploaded directly to the software on the laptop, which is then uploaded via 4G/LTE to the database.

Virtually all work that required a pen and paper in the past have been replaced with computers, laptops, and smart devices. This enables the Chicago water damage company, Flood Specialists, Inc. , to be more efficient. Customers no longer have to wait for critical repairs to start, and in most cases, repairs can start within 60 minutes. Photos can be digitally transferred directly to the insurance company speeding up the process even more.

Tomorrow’s technologies will make companies even more efficient. Imagine 1080p video calling that enable one to see another person. This exists today, but it’s not something everyone has. Image having holographic display screens that appear where you need them, when you need them. Signing documents may change too. Instead of writing your name, a fingerprint or a retina scan can be used. All these technologies are here today and will most likely be the norm tomorrow. Flood Specialists will definately take advantage of the time saving technologies and increase their lead in water damage services .

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