Converting Your AVI Movies to DVD

The Smurfs

If you have already taken your kids to watch The Smurfs, then you know that your kids will want to watch it more than once. The family comedy tells the story of the well known Smurfs, who are chased from their village by the evil wizard Gargamel. They little guys are forced out of their world and into ours through a portal which lands them in the middle of the New York Central Park. The Smurfs must find their way back home before the evil wizard tracks them down.


The movie, though targeted to the kids, is surprisingly tolerable for adults as well. It will provide the kind of entertainment that your kids will love, but you have to watch out for the fleeting ribaldry and tons of cat abuse that sensitive kids may find upsetting. The movie is rated PG. though the movie has had it fair share of beat-down reviews, with some calling it a 3D disaster, that is really an adults view, and the Smurfs is really meant for kids, so let the kids decide.

Video format

If you already have the movie in your PC, you probably need to have it burned on DVD so your kids can watch it on the DVD player while you use the PC for your own work. However, one of the main problems that you may have is that the video format is not compatible with your DVD player, which means that the movie can only be viewed from the PC.

Format converter

The solution that you are looking for can be found in the Wondershare AVI to DVD Burner. This is a professional AVI video to DVD authoring program that easily burns AVI files to DVD, whether you want them as backup. This software allows you to combine your AVI files into video slideshows with beautiful transition effects and a customizable menu. You can also burn AVI to DVD awhile preserving the quality of the videos.

Format converter on MAC

When you need to burn AVI to DVD on Mac, you will have to convert AVI to MOV, which is the most popular video format on Mac, before you can burn the DVD on another application. However, with the Wondershare AVI to DVD converter, you can burn movies on DVD without having to use other applications. When creating your DVD disc, you also get options that provide different styles of built-in menu templates, frames and play buttons of your choice. You can also ass text, background music and images to author a highly customized DVD menu.


Video editing is one of the features that make this software stand out from similar ones in the market. Editing offers the convenience to make changes to the video in the same software that you use to burn the DVD, rather than having to use one application for the conversion and another for burning the DVD. The Wondershare AVI to DVD converter is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use tools that is available which will make your movie experiences worthwhile.

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