Corner Drugstore Versus Chain Drugstore

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between your neighborhood pharmacy and a chain drugstore? Years ago, a persons only pharmacy choice was the Mom and Pop corner drugstore. Then chain pharmacies began to take over the prescription medication scene. With the rising costs of medication, finding the right pharmacy for you and your family is important. Knowing the difference in the two choices helps you make an informed decision.

Neighborhood Pharmacy

Your friendly neighborhood pharmacy generally has a local owner who may have only one pharmacy or several in different locations. There are pros and cons to your Mom and Pop drugstore . Your local individual owned pharmacy is more likely to offer one on one service. Depending on the volume of business they have, experience shows that they are more apt to take time to explain your medications. Since they are locally owned, they are more likely to know you personally. My locally owned pharmacist calls me by name, even before looking at the prescription label. He seems more willing to assist me in finding prescription discount programs and in referring me to agencies that can assist with medication costs. Often, your local pharmacy will offer less expensive generic medications. On the down side, if you have an odd or rarely used medication, they may not have it on hand. The pharmacist might have to order the medication. Because the pharmacist offers less expensive generic medications and might do more business, I find that my wait time for a refill is longer. An in and out trip to the pharmacy is out of the question. However, the saved costs are worth the wait.

Chain Store Pharmacy

Chain drug stores also come complete with their own set of positives and negatives. The selection of medications generally is larger. Odd or less frequently prescribed medications are easier to get at your chain drugstore. Insurance company acceptance by the pharmacy might be broader. If you happen to have a little known or less frequently used insurance company, chancees are they are more likely to accept it than your local pharmacy. These types of pharmacies seem to have more staff, so seem to get your prescriptions filled faster. Therefore your wait time for prescription refills will be less. I have found that my local chain drugstore is less apt to be willing to help me find discounts. It seems they just don’t have the time. This may not be the case at all national retail pharmacies.

Your choice of the type of pharmacy you do business with will depend on a number of factors. Before choosing, investigate things such as insurance acceptance, copay, generic medication availability, and any discount programs that might be offered. Medication is expensive and being equipped with the correct information and choosing the right pharmacy can save you lots of money on your prescriptions.

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