Could Palling Around with Gwyneth Paltrow Do Barack Obama More Harm Than Good?

At a time when many American families are losing their homes, Barack Obama might want to think twice about hanging out with a celebrity who “can’t live without” her designer bathtub. Lifestyle princess Gwyneth Paltrow and her better half Chris Martin of Coldplay were among the millionaires who shelled out almost $40K per peep at a recent fundraiser hosted by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and American Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour — the ice queen on whom the Meryl Streep character in “The Devil Wears Prada” was based.

No doubt Obama needs to raise mega-billions to win re-election — and who better to pocket it from than a woman who earns seven figures for making a mere movie? Yet the money could cost the prez more than he profits if the public perceives him as hobnobbing with a snob.

Though plenty of other stars were at the fundraising gala, including R&B artist Alicia Keys, Oprah BFF Gayle King and late night comedian Jimmy Fallon, celebrities like Paltrow project a stuck-up image that could put off potential voters. The idea of the actress-turned-country-singer and her rocker husband invited to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom could turn off voters who remember Paltrow bragging about how much more smashing life was in Britain than the United States. “The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans,” she once told a Portuguese newspaper.

Obama may have been perceived as kowtowing to celebrity narcissism at the fundraiser when he kissed up to the glittery group with the quip, “This is a pretty good looking crowd.”

Though one would not expect the POTUS to hang out with the likes of Snooki and her gaggle of guidettes, certain celebrities could increase Obama’s populist appeal instead of making him look like just another D.C. dude who is awe-struck by A-listers. Here are a few stars we think the commander in chief should chill with:

Matt Damon: No one can say a bad thing about the “Good Will Hunting” star, a regular guy whose head has not swelled from hanging out in Hollywood. His sticking up for teachers and other American workers has earned him kudos from “Sicko” documentarian Michael Moore, who suggested the down-to-earth actor run against Obama in 2012. Maybe some of the “Contagion” actor’s concern for the common folk could infect the president.

Betty White: With all the talk about death panels and Medicare cuts, Obama could do worse than break bread with America’s most loveable senior celeb, Betty White. Chumming it up with the “Hot in Cleveland” star would not only impress the early bird dinner crowd, but also SNL hipsters who successfully waged a Facebook campaign last year for the 89-year-old White to host the show.

Jane Lynch: With his waffling views on gay marriage, playing ball with “Glee’s” Jane Lynch could earn the president cheers from the gay and lesbian community. Though she’s not as acerbic as the Sue Sylvester character she plays on TV, the towering actress tells it like it is and would be frank as a hot dog with America’s head coach.

What Hollywood types do you think President Obama should hang with?

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