Cozy Mystery Writer Dorothy Simpson

Dorothy Simpson has authored 15 British Cozy Mysteries with the main character being Inspector Luke Thanet. The cozy mysteries are police procedurals that usually involve psychology and insights into human nature. The main plots are murder mysteries and the subplot is typically a problem within Thanets life and sometimes, but not always the family matter may connect to the murder case. Fortunately most of Simpson’s cozy mysteries are about the investigation of a murder with the family matter given much less attention. However, the family problems show the human side of Luke Thanet and give depth to his personality. Readers who enjoy a nonviolent cozy mystery with psychological undertones will enjoy Dorothy Simpson’s writing.
Dorothy Simpson has created a very complex character in Luke Thanet and that is what makes her cozy mysteries so engrossing, along with ingenious plots. Inspector Luke Thanet is a large middle aged craggy sort of man with refined tastes and a sharp mind. He is moody and although he is tough and sometimes feared by his staff, he has a sensitive side which usually shows up when he’s with his family. The reader sees his caring side in his concern for his sergeant who he advises on private matters. Despite his hard boiled nature, Thanet can feel for the victims and their loved ones. He is a man of seeming contradictions but no one knows him inside other than his beloved wife . Thanet’s relationship with his wife and his love of his children is often touching and gives the reader a glimpse of the inner nature of Luke Thanet. Dorothy Simpson worked for many years as a marriage counselor and it’s possible that her experience a marriage counselor played a part in her depiction of Luke Thanet’s marriage.
Dorothy Simpson’s cozy mysteries are not violent, other than the initial discovery of the body. There are usually many suspects with a good reason to kill the victim and following Luke Thanet’s work through the case and his ultimate moment of clarity is fascinating. Dorothy Simpson received a well deserved Silver Dagger award for he Luke Thanet series.

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