Creating a Pair of Earrings

I have been dabbling in the art of jewelry making for several years now and find that handmade earrings are not only super cute, but create a personalization for every outfit. I started out with the basics: Put a bead onto a headpin. Create beading link with the headpin using jewelry pliers. Attach beading link to earring hook with a jump ring. Very simple, yet elegant. This guide, however, is for a slightly more challenging pair of earrings. I call them Blue Swarovski Drops.

*Good pair of jewelry making pliers
*Wire cutters
*2 earring hooks (I used black, but if allergy pose a threat use whatever you like)
*2 jump rings that match the color of your hooks
*2 headpins also matching the color of your hooks
*6 bicone Swarovski crystal beads (choose your color)
*4 cloudy glass beads (choose your color)
*4 seed beads (I prefer clear)

The first thing you will want to do is bead your beads onto your headpins. My pattern was seed bead, bicone, glass, bicone, glass, bicone, seed bead. Once you’ve got the headpin filled with beads, cut the headpin down to 1/4 inch and then create a loop with your pliers.

When your headpin is done, attach the jump ring to the loop you’ve created and add the earring hook to the jump ring. Close tightly with pliers. A hint for a successful jump ring closure is to not open it to look like a “c”. Instead, hold the opening of the jump ring upwards and use your pliers to pull toward you and away from you. Your jump ring should resemble a curl of hair.

Now, you have successfully finished your drop earrings. I love to play with colors and different beads when using this simple, yet elegant recipe. Enjoy your new earrings and have fun being creative.

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