Creative Uses for Old Bed Skirts

Old bed skirts that were never used or those that no longer match bedding may seem to be worthless, but they have many great uses that go beyond hiding items beneath the bed. Most of the fabric is usually just cheap woven paper-like fibers, but the edges are made from good fabric that is worth saving and reusing. Try these creative uses for old bed skirts. The material is ideal for creating unique window treatments, new table coverings and more.

Make Beautiful Flowing Window Valances

The center of most bed skirts are made from a fibrous material, but it can be removed. Cut away the unattractive paper-like center, and trim off the fabric while keeping the hems in place. Use these sections of narrow fabric from old bed skirts to make beautiful flowing window valances. It is not necessary to sew anything. Simply drape them over metal plant hangers to create draped flowing fabric over windows. It will look spectacular, and no one will realize the source. It will look just as good as or better than expensive scarf valances sold in stores.

Create Sidelight Curtains with the Fabric from Old Bed Skirts

Does your entryway include sidelights that surround the door? Unless they are frosted, these windows do not offer much privacy. The fabric typically used around old bed skirts is ideal for this purpose. Cut the fabric away from the fibrous material in the center, and sew top and bottom hems. Hang them on cafe rods to provide privacy. Gather them in the center and add a bow for a completely different look.

Make Handy and Decorative Drapery Tiebacks

Shop for drapery tiebacks and you will find expensive options that are not very unique. Make handy and decorative drapery tiebacks using the fabric from old bed skirts. Cut away the fabric to the appropriate size, and hem or seal rough edges to prevent unraveling. Add ribbons embellished with beads, craft feathers or some other decorative items. The article entitled Unique Homemade Drapery Tiebacks provides a number of creative ideas that can be used with the fabric from old bed skirts.

Cover and Embellish a Large Table

Do you have a large table to cover and embellish for a special occasion? This is one of the most creative and practical uses for old bed skirts. Simply cover the tables with the bed skirts, and hide the plain centers with real tablecloths. The tables will look highly decorative, and the table coverings can be used again and again. This is especially great for parties and holiday tables. Use vinyl tablecloths on top for easy clean up.

Look for old bed skirts at Goodwill Stores and garage sales. If they do not match bedding, use one of the aforementioned uses, or come up with some of your own. The fabric can be used for pillows, quilts and anything requiring sections of fabric. The uses for old bed skirts is virtually limitless!

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