Criminal Minds Season Begins

As the season premiere of Criminals Minds drew nearer, I was anxiously awaiting the series repturn. After watching a preview of the episode, I was aware that it was going to show BAU agent, Emily Prentiss returning from the dead and the entire group being questioned by the US Senate. As a huge fan of the show, I had talked about the show with my family ( who do not watch the show) all day. As the show began, I realized that it wasn’t going to be a regular manhunt like the show normally is, but didn’t prepare myself that it might not meet my expectations.

The team was shown solving the kidnapping of a child, but the story was being told by different members of the team as they were questioned about their actions. The story didn’t seem to flow like it would normally and I felt that it seemed to not hold the same excitement that the series usually does. The team had done their hunt for this child while trying to keep anyone else from being aware of what they were doing as the child belonged to the man who had attempted to kill Emily last season.

The child was kidnapped by his mother who had never been a part of his life and was only taking him to get even with her ex husband and attempt to gain financial wealth from him. She was killing others who were helping her as she had used them for what she needed from them. The team became aware of who she was and what she was doing and she was tracked down and shot.

The child was found alive, the kidnappers were shot and killed, the team basically traded the man who attempted to kill Prentiss for the child, but the kidnapper shot him and he died at the end of the show. It was certainly not the best show that this series has had and I hope that it is not a sign of things to come for the season.

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