Dance Upon the Water

Two lovers dance upon a lake, no need for resistance their feet floats upon the water. Hand in hand arm in arm they spin this way and that. Black hair flows into the night and the stars form a soft shadow of fantasy that’s taken make believe and made it a reality. Dark blue eyes pierce into a soul sending your body shaking and your heart bound with in its grasp.

Suddenly a wave begins to form, the skies turn clouded and a storm begins to brew. Quickly she runs ashore, and you’re pulled under into the wake. Throwing out your arms and begging for her help, that she save you bring you out alive. So hard she tries, but finds the task too difficult. So hard she tries till the bleeding never stops.

Finally she accepts her bitter cold defeat, leaving you to drown. You watch from afar as she makes her way into the forest of the night, the trace of her beautiful hair becomes the last thing you’ll ever see. For months you remain somehow staying alive, trying to fight the wave, and dig out into the light. Trying to survive, and bring her back to you.

A razor floats with in this water of eternal pain, giving an ending call. Slowly you pick it up and press it to your skin as images flood your mind. So many long months with in this sea of pain, have made them fade, withering into the sand, but now they thus remain, begging you to live. Do not give up never accept defeat find courage in the tears that wet your eyes at night. Find courage in the pounding of your heart as you pass her by.

Do not find bitterness in her leaving, you know how it bled her dry. Take this upon yourself, and heed your own escape. Take the hollows of her defeat into your very soul, giving you a reason to live on fighting. Where she failed you shall hold, and find a way to do it on your own, to make it with out her suffering. When she has no more tears to bleed, it’s your turn to take the blade, and cut into your heart.

If you escape the wave of pain, and make way into the woods what will desperate eyes find? A lovely maiden of darkened hair, grown longer then before, the lovely remains of your love with in another’s arms as though you never lived. Upon your eye’s contact, it seems she brushes off the very thought of you, as a picture in the past, a secret left untold.

She must feed upon blood, to restore that of which you took. If you were not there to offer sacrifice, what choices did she have but to drink that of another? Look her in the eye and tell her that you love her, and that you will be there waiting till love may dance again, upon another lake, in another time and universe where worlds shall combine as night whispers a gentle call to lovers that can’t deny the burning flame that dwells inside.

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