‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 13 Week 5 Commentary and Favorite Judges’ Quotes

Eight couples competed in this ’80s themed competition on Dancing with the Stars . The songs and costumes all evoked an ’80’s vibe and the show was fun to watch. In the order that they appeared on this episode of the show, I tend to list the dancers, type of dance, my comments, judges’ most interesting comments, and then the judges’ scores. Before the judges give their scores I rate each dancer myself and when my score is not equal to at least one of the judges’ scores I note that too. Hope you enjoy my personal opinions.

The Bangles opened with two 80s hit songs and members of the Dancing with the Stars professional troupe accompanied the songs with fabulous dancing. I thought the W alk Like an Egyptian dance was super fun.

Hope Solo & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Tango
I loved Hope’s strength, flexibility and overall athleticism.
Len: “Too willowy; there was no strength in you.” I totally disagreed. For example, that forward front bend dip thing required great strength on Hope’s part.
Bruno: “You were strong, sexy and powerful.”
Carrie Ann: “I think you are one of those people that could be at the top of the leader board.”
Judges’ Scores: 8-8-8

Carson Kressley & Anna Trebunskaya: Jive
Their Jitterbug started in wild track suits then changed to wild cheer leading outfits and yellow pom poms. I thought Carson was a very funny goofball dancer while Anna was simply amazing.
Bruno: “Loopier than [a] Looney Tunes… A crowning achievement in madness.”
Carrie Ann: “It was definitely fun.”
Len: “I like you but … if I was judging with my heart you would be back next week… but [judging with my brains I’m not sure that was good enough].”
Judges’ Scores: 6-6-7 *worst score of the night

Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus: Rhumba
Carrie Ann: “It was nice; It was appropriate, I think… A little on the drab side, to me”
Len: “Simple but it was very effective.”
Bruno: “One of your best performances.”
Judges’ Scores: 7-7-8

JR Martinez & Karinna Smirnoff: Samba
I thought this performance was great. Fun and well done
Len: “Way to go Jose!”
Bruno: “You were like a loin shattering [sex machine]… You have so much fire… brilliant!”
Carrie Ann: “Muy Calliente!” [Very Hot]
Judges’ Scores: 9-9-10 (and the audience went wild :)) **best score of night

Rob Kardashian & Cheryl Burke: Rhumba
In practice I thought Cheryl was really inspiring when Rob said he wanted to be sexy like Maks and Derek etc. and she replied that he would be great and sexy in his own way. I think everyone has that inner fire but it does come out in different ways. Rob demonstrated great progress in his dancing.
Bruno: “We start to see Rob the heart throb.”
Carrie Ann: “Every week you’re making vast improvements… Sexy as heck even in a bright green shirt.”
Len: “You pulled that off… Don’t keep trying to do the splits because you could ruin your potential.”
Judges’ Scores: 9-8-8

Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer: Samba
Was fun watching Lacey’s Dad coach Chaz. I thought Chaz was moving more energetically and confidently now and that’s great to see.
Carrie Ann: “That was the most dancing I’ve seen you do in all of the routines.”
Len: “Well done.”
Bruno: “You did very well.”
Judges’ Scores: 7-7-7

David Arquette & Kym Johnson: Tango to Tainted Love
Well done, David! I appreciated how Kym kept her kicks to David’s level. She could have easily outshone him but by mirroring him she helped him shine.
Len: “It had a great 80s feel… You have shown up and it was fantastic.”
Bruno: “That was a tango with a rebel yell…Randy rascal… That’s the way to go.”
Carrie Ann: “It was fun… improving tremendously…I think you need to work on musicality.”
Carrie Ann and Bruno argued and Tom said, “When we all talk at the same time we hear nothing.” Important life lesson reminder and not just for judges.
Judges’ Scores: 8-9-8

Rikki Lake & Derek Hough: Foxtrot
I adore Rikki. She’s real and it’s inspiring to me to see a curvy girl dance so well. During practice, John Waters stopped by to encourage her and it was nice to see. This show’s dance was fun but it didn’t seem as cohesive as their previous dances did. I hope she doesn’t suffer as Chynna did last week.
Bruno: “It didn’t gel… you can’t be a genius every week.”
Carrie Ann: “Didn’t need the running around bit.”
Len: “No one likes funk like I do (audience laughs)…it wasn’t your best dance but it wasn’t your worst.”
Judges’ Scores: 8-8-8

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