Dead Space 2, a Must Try

Dead space came out in January 2011. The first shooter game was at it finest. This is the sequel to the Dead Space. The game experience itself is hard to explain. It is one of them games where you have to play it to experience the feel. The makers of the game Visceral Games have upped themselves with this game.
Although part one didn’t come out until 2008, Dead Space 2 is so much more action and panic inducing gameplay. The atmosphere of this is game is heart pounding scary. The narration of the game was better and more intense in this go around. Its keeps you wanting to know more in this twisted storyline.
The plot of the game was surreal; it made you feel like you were a part of something. Plus, to me, the story line seemed a little corny. The sounds sounded too real. The music was effects were extremely loud. At times, it seemed like the voices and music in sad quality. The voice actors in this game did a superb job. However, with games nowadays it is good to find many qualities like Dead Space 2 has to offer.
This game is great if your hearing has gone out because you can pick up the chat. The game’s ending, however, without spoiling it for others, took my breath away. You will not be disappointed.

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