Dealing with Holiday Blues If You Live Alone

Having lived alone for many years I have learned ways to make the holidays fun and meaningful. Living alone doesn’t mean we have to be alone. It takes effort and creativity, but the holidays can be a time of joy. . Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way.

Be aware that in order to have a wonderful holiday it’s up to us. Not our friends, ort our family, but us. It took me awhile to figure that out. Reflect on why the holidays have been hard in the past. Was it being with the family? If so, why was that painful? How can we deal with the challenge so we can enjoy the day? What are the things we look forward to? Are their people in our family we feel comfortable with and can talk to easily? Focus on the positive.

For Thanksgiving reflect on what gives our life purpose and meaning. Not in a casual way but what about our life is precious and holy. Maybe our health, place to live, close friend, family, faith, nature. It could be a number of things. Focus on those daily. No matter what our situation we always have someone or something which blesses our day.

What if we don’t have a family near? That can be a challenge. Do we have close friends we can share a Thanksgiving dinner? If they are with their family on Thanksgiving Day we can have an early Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. It also helps to think of people who are homeless, in hospitals, or homebound. Volunteer at a food bank or shelter. Anywhere where we feel we are helping others. It re-directs our focus and provides compassion towards those worse off than ourselves. Not only that- we are part of a community.

What ever our faith, this is a time to turn to our deepest truth and belief. There are others who share our faith. Reach out to our faith community and join in the activities and events. Our faith can bring much comfort and give meaning which touches the soul.

There are many other suggestions but this is a start. It depends on our attitude and outlook. This doesn’t have to be a painful time but joyful and fun. I wish all of you the best holiday ever!

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