Did the Wrong Designer Win Project Runway Season Nine?

Project Runway, season nine, ended last night with one designer taking home the $100,000 prize. Four designers went to New York Fashion Week, realizing their dreams. Two were women, Anya and Kimberly. Two were men, Josh and Viktor. But who won and did that designer deserve the nod?

A lot of bets were on Viktor whose impeccably fitted clothing made a woman’s body look like a dream. He had taste. He had skill. He had vision. He was a natural choice. Alas, he didn’t win and here’s why.

Viktor showed three pieces to the judges beforehand. For the most part they liked what they saw, including a flowing gown that scooped up in front. However, before the big night Viktor ditched it in favor of a strange see-thru S&M dress that didn’t fit in with his easy, breezy prints indicative of his home, Mexico.

He got so caught up in that new vibe, that the Project Runway designer, made three more similar pieces. Here’s the problem. They didn’t fit with his original collection. He’d created two collections instead of one. That ultimately cost him the competition.

Kimberly entered the show as an underdog. However, each week she improved, while still staying true to her urban edge. That propelled her into the finals.

Kimberly’s fashion week collection was beautiful. It showed talent, creativity and flow. The pieces were immaculately made and uniquely her style. So why didn’t she win?

Youth got the better of her. The judges felt she wasn’t yet ready. Some Project Runway fans disagree. Her reason for losing was almost the same given for the person that won. Was she just not a judge favorite?

Josh had problems throughout the competition. He was egotistic, snobbish, emotional and sometimes down right hateful. He also had a tendency to over-design things. To him more was less, not the other way around.

However, Josh eventually found his rhythm and when he did, there was no stopping him. By the time he moved to New York Fashion Week, he’d refined his looks and gotten a handle on how to make his unique fashion style work with perfection. So why didn’t he win?

He almost did. He made it to the top two and that’s something indeed. It was a close call, for certain. Was it the wrong one?

Some think it was. Josh used unusual materials like neoprene and plastic successfully. He created wearable garments that had a distinct edge. The judges might have missed the boat on this one.

The winner was Anya. No one denies that her clothing was absolutely stunning. Her use of prints was truly memorable. The Project Runway designer also knows how to cut clothing to fit a woman’s body. She also has a knack for creating clothing that women want to wear.

The problem with Anya’s collection was that it was one-note. Other designers included pants and jackets, shorts and bathing suits. Anya only presented dresses. Beautiful dresses certainly, but all dresses. As Heidi Klum pointed out, they almost all had the same neckline too.

Another key point is that by draping her garments, they often required less sewing. That’s because Anya hasn’t been sewing for long. She started just four months for entering Project Runway.

Still, the judges felt she was “almost there” with her designs; kind of like Kimberly. That counted against the latter though, while it worked for Anya. No one’s dissing Anya. They’re just wondering if the decision to crown her the winner was a right one. What do you think?

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