Disconnect for the Holidays!

And once again the Holiday Season is upon us! And as much as we love being in touch with our “Friends” via social media, the question is…have we forgotten how to turn off the virtual and live in the real world?

So, what if you had to turn off our cell phone/computer/tablet PC etc? What will it take? What will you sacrifice?

I bet most everyone this holiday season is going to be on either Facebook, Twitter, their email etc. to wish their friends and family a happy holiday season. Well, what if I challenge you and ask you to disconnect yourself from the online world? My guess is that many people will go through a social media withdrawal!

I decided to make a promise to myself and my friends and family that this year I will be completely present (body & mind) during the holidays. I have made the following arrangements to accomplish that:

I will allocate 1 (one) hour per day to answer any emails (work & personal), review social network updates etc. I will turn off my phone during every meal with friends and/or family I will call my closest friends/family instead of sending them a Facebook message I will send a Holiday card to my loved ones (a real card, not an online ecard!) I will keep my computer off all together (except for the designated hour to answer emails)!

It sometimes feels like we have lost our personal touch when it comes to actual human relationships. Being online has become such a regular part of our day that we have no idea how to disconnect from it. I remember when computers were a way to help us in life and now it feels like they are our life! It has become such a natural reaction to check your phone to see what’s going on in the world that we don’t even think about it anymore.

I hope that’s not the case for everyone and I would love to hear any other ideas and ways that you are planning on disconnecting from the virtual world this Holiday Season!

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