Do We Support Slave Based Consumption

Before you rip open that packaging for your new outfit or shoes, is it possible that you are supporting slave labor, like in the 16th or 17th century?

From sweat shops, cotton, human trafficking and child labor our materialistic culture is a big vacuum sucking resources and human labor in a way like no other system has ever done.

History repeats itself

Can you imagine that sugar was once slave produced, and eating a slice of cake, cookies or sweets was gorging on the blood of slaves? Sometimes we should wonder if those new clothes are in the same light as blood made sugar cookies.

Trafficking today

“Is believed to generate profits of an estimated $32 billion, of that number, $15.5 billion is made in industrialized countries. (International Labor Organization 2005.) CNN


These are some hard facts, and in all reality we are so interconnected with slave made goods that it is very difficult to break free from the chains, maybe this addiction needs a twelve step program.


Now that you have a vague idea, it is time to take action. Be creative and use your own talents to help end slavery in all its forms.

Food for thought

Always remember that slaves can not totally eradicate the brutal practice themselves, but we at the top can make an impact through sharing our freedoms and privileges. Remember William Wilberforce speaking up for slaves. You are in his spot today.

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