Essential Oils Uses

They are also used in some medications as well as in aromatic baths and massages and compresses. But perhaps more importantly, it provides medical alternatives to tranquilizers and other drugs commonly used to ease the tension. The doctors found that these oils, especially those related to the strong memories of smells, can lead to responses sedative to help you relax.

There are two types of oils: pure Oils, synthetic, or perfume. Synthetic oils can repeat the smell of fresh oil, are usually sufficient for most non-medical uses, such as massage and baths. But can the various processes used to make synthetics are not repeated chemical compounds present in refined oils. They received their name from the belief that it contains the essence of the plant they came from.

There are four basic ways for the production of refined oils:

1. Enfleurage. Plant material, are usually placed on the flower blossoms cold layers of fat. Fat is slowly absorbed oil from the flowers. The length of this process varies with each manufacturer, but is accelerated when applying heat and pressure. Add the blossoms until completely saturated fat oil. This is called a mixture of fat and oil ointments. And then melts the fat with alcohol, leaving only the oil.

2. Steam distillation – Is passed through hot steam and more of the plant material. Evaporate the essential oils of plants.

3. Volatile solvents. Volatile solvents, such as alcohol, mixed with plant material and the absorption of oil from this article.

Unlike a traditional bath or massage oils, essential oils are concentrated and require very special care when handling them. And some oils cause blisters if applied directly to the skin. Follow the directions on the bottle to find out how to deal with the individual oils safely. Also, if you have any allergies or sensitivities, or if you are pregnant, consult your doctor before use.

These gems oil facility light-sensitive, and should be kept in dark bottles to preserve their chemical composition. Bottles should also be well sealed to ensure that the oils do not evaporate.

Because of the high concentration, and when the bottle is empty you may be able to get out a little more by adding some carrier oil in the bottle to raise the residue left in the inside of the glass.

While you will have to add vinegar to the oil to get them to a mixture of water, you can add them directly to any massage or baby oil. To identify low-cost option, in addition to essential oils, canola oil is normal.
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