Eva Longoria’s Divorce Drama in the Past – Why We Like Her Attitude!

Tony Parker is the last thing on Eva Longoria’s mind, especially now that she has a new love with Penelope Cruz’s brother Eduardo Cruz. The “Desperate Housewives” star was recently interviewed in Spanish Vanity Fair about her feelings one year after divorcing her NBA star husband.

“It stands to reason that I should be angry and resentful but I am not,” she told the magazine.

The two divorced after the actress had found hundreds of inappropriate text messages between Parker and Erin Barry, the current wife at the time of Parker’s teammate, Brent Barry.

We’re so glad Eva isn’t wasting any of her time and energy thinking about her cheating ex-husband. How many times have we seen celebs crash and burn or pull ridiculous public stunts after a bad breakup? Here’s a few examples of breakups gone bad, showing why we love Eva’s attitude even more.

Taylor Swift…and all of her ex-boyfriends

We love Miss Swift, we really do but what’s with all the songs dedicated to her ex-boyfriends? We know “Dear John” is about her relationship with singer John Mayer and “Last Kiss” is about ex Joe Jonas. In interviews she has said she writes about ex-boyfriends because she’s shy about discussing personal issues in person and can only do it in song. Do the personal details of her relationships with celebs deserve to last forever on her albums?

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

Mimi might be happily married to comedian Nick Cannon now but in the 1990s she was married to the powerful exec of Sony, Tommy Mottola, who controlled her music career. After the two divorced in 1997 Carey discussed the emotional abuse she went through and the bad marriage spawned several albums and songs dissing and talking about Mottola. There’s typically at least one song on each album since the divorce about her past experiences including songs like “Wish You Well” and “Side Effects.” We understand the R&B diva went through a bad marriage but sometimes you just need to get over it.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Yes, Chris Brown was charged with felonious assault after what he did to Rihanna and we completely agree what he did to her was awful. However, three years later and Rihanna is still playing the victim card and using the incident with her ex-boyfriend to pump up her popularity. In the “We Found Love” video she released this fall RiRi casted a look-a-like of her ex to play her love interest in the video. When the video was released several fans complained, telling Rihanna she was exploiting her breakup.

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