Your eyes haunt me in my sleep.
Torture and taunt me in my dreams.

When I’m awake,
Staring into the mirror,
The eyes from my dreams are there.
Staring back at me.

Only this time
They are my eyes.
Eyes that remind me
Of the days, months and years of torture.

Torture you put me through.
Eyes that will never
Let me forget.
My childhood slipping from my fingertips.

I don’t know why you insist on denying it.
You know you did it.
You alone are responsible
For the fear I went through.

You caused that fear.
And now, the tables have turned.
It is your turn to be afraid.
It is your turn to pay for what you did.

You thought you would get away with it
All those years ago.
But I took a stand.
And now you are going to pay.
For causing so much fear
In an innocent child.

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