Facebook Users Hold Nothing Back

When I was just a little girl, I signed up in school for my own personal pen-pal. I kept in touch with her faithfully. We shared our deepest secretes. She was from several states away. I used to write her letters telling her all about what I was doing as a child. She would write me and send me pictures of her and her family and fill me in on her life. After several years, we drifted apart and lost contact.

These days, no one knows what a pen-pal is anymore, unless they were from my generation. There are so many other ways to find and keep up with people from a different part of the country. First there was the Myspace revolution. Everyone would fix up their pages with their favorite music, pictures and backgrounds. People would spend countless hours commenting on friend’s pages.

Now, we have Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is a great tool to find people one lost contact with over the years. It’s great for job leads in other areas and social life in general.

It’s truly amazing to see all the posts. People really have total disregard to personal safety. I can’t count the number of FB profiles I have seen when people have a picture of their cars with license plates visible. There are others who post pictures of their children for everyone to see. I’m all about my kids, but that seems about as safe as putting our kids on a train track in front of a train.

Then there are so many people who think it’s just funny to share every vile detail about their day with their FB friends along with the whole world. I personally don’t want to know when one went to the bathroom and that they picked their nose five minutes ago.

The worst yet is when someone posts about vacation. They give day-by-day updates while on their luxurious resort trip. They even post to let everyone know they are on their way back to their homes. They wonder why it is that when they arrive back home, someone has come in and cleaned their house out.

People who make those posts should never bother the police to file a report. Why worry about catching the crook. It’s the Facebooker’s fault because they failed to use good common since while posting.

Everyone should use extreme caution when posting on social networking. It’s very dangerous. Even if things are being posted innocently, it could cost someone their life.

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