Fade into the Next Day like a Shadow

I lay on the bed listening to the night outside. Somewhere the house was creaking, breathing, moving, I wished it was just the wind. I knew better from the frequency of the noises that took place. Most nights it started as just a little creak or pop but by three am the bubble had exploded into conversations.



Would you sing me to sleep: if my ears won’t stop ringing?

I buried my face under the blankets for a moment breathing the Downy freshness.

Was there still noises? I had slept with the TV on from the time I was old enough to know that it would drown out the madness that went on in this house- reaching for the remote I muted it. Listening…

The house continued to pop and moan, floorboards creaked as if it was breathing. Moaning. Were the shutters slamming against the side of the house now? I hated the feeling of knowing someone was alive here and it wasn’t me.

Was I slowly going crazy?

Go to sleep…fall asleep.

I closed my eyes, rested my head on the pillow. Letting the darkness wash over my body and feeling the tingle of sleepiness from my eyelids to my toes.The TV was whispering softly and I was ready to pass out for the night with the warm thoughts of a man I had just watched in a movie. I pictured a scene, in which I superimposed myself it it. This man with bright blue eyes and blond highlighted hair seemed the perfect bed mate for my fantasy.


Downstairs something was making noise again. Ignore it,ignore it. Sleep…Sleep. Pretend you don’t feel it so you fade into the next morning like a shadow.

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