Faith Matters Survey and the Tea Party

The Faith Matters Survey which is incorporated in a book called, American Grace was written by authors’ Robert Putman and David Campbell. In the survey, it compares political and religious practices and beliefs.

Liberals and conservatives in the churches

According to the survey, conservatives are less likely to discuss political activities in their church than are liberals. Politics were more likely to be discussed in black or Jewish synagogues rather than in Protestant, Mormon or Catholic churches. In “the God gap” church attendance has gone down with Democrats and increased with Republicans. This also states that is a sign that people are changing their religious and political functionalities. However, liberals who attend politically active churches are only two percent of our population.

Tea Party Supporters

The survey also suggests that tea party supporters are conservative in their social lives, are Republicans, are against immigration and mostly, like to mix politics with religion. Out of 23 groups that were surveyed, this survey has come to the conclusion that the tea party has an extremely low public rating. In fact, this group had the lowest rating or the most disliked of the 23 groups or individuals who were polled. This made them more disliked than Muslims or atheists, supposedly.

Americans want compromise, the tea party does not

Accordingly, the public views the tea party as a group that is outside the realm of mainstream America and threatens to ‘hijack’ the Republican Party. The Tea Party does not want to compromise on the deficit problems in which 6 out of 10 Americans state they do want Congress to compromise.

Religion and politics

Religion has been an extremely important backbone to our nation since we became one. Our religious beliefs help us live our daily lives. It helps shape our reactions, our feelings and our thoughts in everything we do, including politics. There is nothing wrong with that. So to act as though all Tea Party supporters are the most disliked group in America, I believe, is just not true.

Republicans elected to Congress

In my opinion, most Republicans are hard working Americans who were elected to Congress to stop the unnecessary and ridicules spending that has occurred, especially since President Obama has taken office. Their concerns are valid. You should not spend money that you do not have. This leads to big financial woes such as our credit rating being lowered for the first time since 1917.

Inevitably, both sides are not going to get their way. Compromises will have to be made. The thing that most people do not realize is that with the tea party Republicans playing hard ball on this issue, the Democrats are really going to have to compromise. It goes both ways.

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