Family, Friends and OCD Relationship

Families and friends regularly take care of OCD behaviors. In a family with OCD, they are usually get used of the behavior their OCD loved ones manifests. They showed this by helping them to perform the OCD rituals and also by helping those with OCD to avoid things that can upset them In this way, the peace within the family can be achieved. There must be full of love, support, and understanding that must dwell as well.

An OCD friend can also take part on this help. They can accommodate OCD by being into the rituals or do the things the OCD wants to do that they usually avoid. Not taking the part of the rituals, avoidance behavior, and not giving support, will simply make the OCD get worse. This is how OCD influence or take control the family, friends and the person who has the disorder.

There are several treatments for OCD. In the present time, experts on OCD treatment have knowledge that Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can efficiently help OCD victims. It is good to know that friends and family members can very much improve the chance of recovery of an OCD person that they care about by not accommodating or being involved in OCD rituals. This is quite helpful.

OCD needs to manage their emotions. When your friend has OCD, it creates a huge challenge on your friendship. OCD can cause problems on your relationship, experiences and common likes because it usually causes a disturbing space between the two of you. This can be really frustrating that you may feel sad about the friendship and company you build up on the person you thought you knew and this will leave you lonely.

Your OCD friend needs to get treatment. However, there are times that denial rises and your OCD friend don’t want to get treated. They somehow don’t believe that there’s something that could make them better and they also feel fear towards the treatment. This causes them not to try to engage into treatment at all. One of the reasons is maybe because they get used with the rituals they perform that they don’t get help. Avoid pleading, debating, or even threatening your OCD friend just to get the treatment because this won’t help them.

It may be difficult and confusing on what to do about an OCD friend, but being a friend means being there showing your support, understanding, and love. To show your support, you need to be informed and have knowledge on some appropriate and right responses to certain characteristic behavior situations.

Save your friendship by being supportive to your OCD friend.

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