How Military Troops Can Celebrate Christmas Abroad

When troops are abroad, the things that we all take for granted are what they miss the most. This is especially true around Christmas. There is a lot going on in their daily lives and bringing them a bit of home can make all the difference in their outlook and demeanor. Here are some ways that you can help them celebrate Christmas and remind them that even though they may not feel like it, they are still a part of your world.

There are many organizations that organize drives for soldiers during Christmas time. They collect simple things that make a difference in their lives. Things like baby wipes, pop tarts, bags of cookies, blankets, socks and other simple pleasures are things that they miss and need. Many religious organizations assemble these care packages, so ask any that you identify with in your area if you can help.

There are plenty of places online where you can sign up to adopt a soldier and make either financial contributions or buy care packages that will be given to them on Christmas day. They typically specialize in one type of object, like socks or toiletries. Getting something useful that they have been missing out on is a great way to celebrate Christmas.

A great idea that can help them really celebrate is sending them a very small Christmas tree. Something like the small Peanuts tree or another miniature traditional item can bring them a bit of respite in a very dangerous and stressful place. Something as small as a $10 tree and a $2 bag of cookies can bring Christmas to a homesick soldier that would otherwise wake up on December 25th to just another day.

There are lots of greeting card companies who set up programs during the holidays so that anyone can buy a solider abroad a Christmas card. They can be purchased online or in many specialty stores where all you need to do is walk up to the register and pay for the card and the cost of postage. You can often pick out a soldier’s name out of a tree fixture and send it to them specifically.

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