How to Achieve a Glamorous Walk-in Closet Design

You’ve likely seen large, glamorous walk-in closets on television or in magazines. You might have even dreamed of having a similar closet one day. When you finally have the means to make this dream a reality, you may start to feel overwhelmed at all the possibilities. Just take a deep breath and envision your ideal walk-in closet. Is it clean and simple? Elegant, vintage? Once you have a vision, follow these tips for achieving a glamorous walk-in closet design.

1. Keep clothing hidden. Well, most of it, anyway. Help the walk-in closet to become another room in your house by keeping most of your clothes behind closed doors. Choose closed cabinets and drawers for storing clothing, rather than open shelves. Let the doors and drawer fronts make a statement–not your wardrobe. Of course, you might want to show off your huge shoe collection or a favorite outfit, and that’s okay. It is a closet, after all.

2. Consider an island for storage. It’s a great way to fill up a large, open space in the middle of your closet. Islands are also great for adding a horizontal work surface. You can use it as a sewing table when the need arises, or simply as a place to lay out the next day’s outfit.

3. Make it part of your master suite. Your walk-in closet should look as if it is a part of your bedroom and master bathroom. While it doesn’t necessarily have to look exactly the same as the other rooms, the closet should have some of the same elements or colors, while remaining a unique room in your house. For example, you might have chosen a contemporary look for your master suite. If you want to change up the color scheme, go right ahead–but your closet might look out of place if you decide to decorate it with a vintage flair.

4. Choose a sophisticated color scheme. Glamour and sophistication go hand-in-hand. Choose grown-up colors, such as mahogany wood or cream paint. You can even go with more “fun” hues, such as green or violet. The color scheme you choose doesn’t necessarily matter so much as the shades you pair together. Avoid decorating in overly bright or girly hues. Keep it sophisticated.

5. Add elegant touches. The accessories you choose are a huge part of the overall look in a room, even in a walk-in closet. If you like clean and contemporary styles, choose large, bold–but fewer–decorative pieces to accent your design. For a more elegant, vintage style, look for crystal chandeliers, mannequins, ornate hardware and so on.

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