How to Avoid a Bar Fight

A few drinks, a simple push, a disagreeable word and before you know it you’re in a bar fight. A mixture of alcohol and hormones coupled with adrenaline steer the sanest person into a fighting frenzy and the next stop is the local hospital and the police lockup.

The key is to enjoy a great night on the town without ending up in jail or with a broken a jaw. Here are a few tips I discovered from my Los Angeles bar-cruising years.

If it’s a new bar scene, keep your mouth shut

This is your first time in this particular bar. Study your surroundings and patrons. Limit your engagement and determine the lay of the land. I saw an unexpected new timer in our local bar try to pick up the ex-wife of a very jealous person. It didn’t end well.

Bartenders know everything and everybody

Bartenders are the encyclopedia of the bar. By tipping them extremely well, they will impart information to you that might keep you out of hot water. Pay attention and listen. For example: the bartender may tell you who might be an uncover cop or who recently broke up with a psychopath and details about those to keep your distance and stay away.

Bartenders besides being the library of information can also play the role of a psychologist, bookie, or matchmaker. A good rule of thumb: always, always take care of your waitresses and bartenders.

Some people come to fight

Once in a Pasadena rock club a fight broke out between two women. According to my friends who were loyal patrons of this club, this situation had been brewing for some time. These women were planning on meeting each other in this bar and taking care of business.

Some folks enjoy getting drunk and fighting. Determine who they are and stay clear of them. If any club becomes an oasis for this type of activity, find a new bar.

If a fight breaks out stay as far away as possible. More people become injured out of curiosity. Listen to any loud noises or pushing on the bar or dance floor, and quietly find an exit to a safe haven.

Choose a safe venue

I have never been in a bar fight. The reason is I determine if the place I’m going to is a magnet for violence. Be careful, ask around and make sure before you decide to visit a new place you have the information you need.

Have a good time. Be a happy drunk.

You are going out to have a good time not debate over political views or religion opinions. Once I told a drinking patron who wanted to engage in a political conversation that I check my brain at the door, he laughed and sat somewhere else to continue his rant on the local government with someone else.

Enjoy your time, dance lively, drink responsibly, and leave the bar without mishap.

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