How to Draw a Kitty

Have you ever found yourself itching to draw yourself a mind-blowingly adorable wee ickle kitty cat?
Well, the wait is over. Herein I’ll show you how to draw a sweet little baby gato. Scroll through the pictures in the gallery for visuals!

Step One!
First, start out with a big circle. This will be the wittle chubby tum-tum!

Step Two!
Draw a smaller circle on top of the bigger circle for the little kitty noggin.

Step Three!
BAM, SUCKAH! Add two little triangles on that sweet kitty noodle for some ears, and two smaller circles beneath the chin for the itty bitty front paws. (The smaller you make the legs and feet, the fluffier and ultimately more adorable your pussydoodle will look.)
Then add two large ovals on either side of the bottom half of the body for the haunches, and add two little circle within for the hind footy wootums.

Step Four!
Begin to erase some of the sketchy lines, leaving only the important ones as pictured. Add a tail and a wide “U” shape for the chin. This will make the cat look fluffier and create perspective.

Step Five!
Draw in the face and add detail.

OH YEAH! Now you’ve got yourself a big ol’ fatty fat cat. Slap that ish on an index card and send your grandma a nice post card. Embroider it on a pink sweatshirt and bedazzle it with rhinestones and puff paint. Have it detailed onto the hood of your car and drive around like you’re somethin’ else. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS.

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