How to Dye Bridal Pearls and Lace

Getting the perfect color pearl to go with your ivory gown or veil can be a tricky thing. Most craft pearls are sold in bright white or a sickly yellow color. Neither works well for a creamy ivory gown. Here are steps to help you achieve a classic off white pearl to coordinate with your wedding ensemble.

Craft Pearls dyed ivory
1. Steep a cup of regular black tea in a bowl or cup for 5 minutes.
2. Add pearls to the cup.
3. Let pearls sit in tea liquid for 5 minutes
4. Empty out almost all the tea, leaving just enough to cover the pearls.
5. Put cup with pearls and tea in the microwave and microwave for 15 seconds. Stir, then put back in for 15 more seconds.
6. Strain pearls out of tea mixture and let dry on a cloth towel.

This method will change the color of the pearls to a natural ivory color.

Ivory Lace dye process:

1. Heat up a large pot with water until boiling.
2. Add a pinch of RIT Dye, golden yellow.
3. Add a black Lipton Tea bag and steep for 30 seconds
4. Wet your test piece of lace and place it in the dyebath for 1 minutes.
5. Remove lace and rinse in warm water.
6. Use a hair dryer to see the finished color.
7. You may add more RIT Dye if a more yellow color is desired. Be careful not to add too much.
8. Wet your large lace piece, sqeeze out extra water and put in the dyebath for the amount of time that worked for your test piece.
9. Rinse in warm water and dry flat.

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