How to Find Honest Reviews when Shopping Online

Whenever I’m shopping online for a particular item, I always make sure read the reviews from other customers before purchasing. Some are helpful while others seem phony like the company just trying to convince customers to buy their product. So here are a few tips on how to spot the real opinions, so you can find trustworthy online reviews.

Real reviews are not over the top and filled with emotion.
Most of the fake online reviews I’ve come across, exaggerate how much they love the product and how others should buy it also. They’re getting paid to convince people to buy, so therefore, they try harder by using certain words and lots of explanation points. Honest reviewers just explain why they love it and don’t go over the top or try to convince you why it’s the best because its not necessary.

Look for facts and details about the product.
To spot real reviews, also look for lots of facts. Reviewers who are giving their honest opinion will focus on the details. They’ll talk about things like the megapixels or the physical sensation of the product, like how it feels. They’re drawing from facts that they know while phony reviewers use less facts and more imagination. They’ll talk about everything but how the product actually worked, looked or feeled which is always a telling sign.

They stick to writing about the product and don’t go off topic.
Another thing that I’ve noticed is that most people tend to stick to describing the product or service they’re writing about. Others will throw in unrelated information or talk about the competitor rather than give details. So focus on reviews that go in depth and give details rather than the ones that are basic and don’t provide any information that would be useful when making a decision on a purchase.

When shopping online, its important to always trust your gut. If you feel unsure about a product or the reviews your reading, do more research. Its better to take months before buying an item than to make a rush decision and end up being disappointed. Whether it’s a small item or a major purchase, I always do research and look for reviews that can help me make my decision because returning items can be a hassle especially during the holidays. So look for real reviews and you’ll save yourself alot of time and money.

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