How to Get a Refrigerator Out of Demo Mode

To save energy and keep the compressor off, many fridges are shipped to retailers and stores in “demo mode.” This mode can also be referred to as exhibition mode or show room mode. Essentially the fridge display (if it has one) works, the lights work, but the compressor and cooling capabilities are turned off in demo mode. The ice maker also will not make ice. Sometimes a fridge gets stuck in demo mode evidenced by a lack of cooling and can be reset.

Pull the fridge away from the wall.

Pull the power cord out of the wall outlet. Leave the fridge unplugged for a few minutes.

Plug the fridge back into the wall outlet. Wait a few minutes. Open the fridge door and set the freezer and fridge thermostat dial to the desired temperature number. For example a dial ranging from 1-9 means 9 is coldest.

Wait a few hours. Open the fridge and freezer. If it is colder, the demo mode has been disabled. If it is still not cold after a few hours, proceed to Step 5.

Locate the “Power” or “Ice” button on the ice dispenser control panel. Hold down the button for a few seconds then release. Depending on the model that you have there may be multiple buttons on the display and the reset procedure may vary. Try holding down different button combinations until the fridge begins to cool. You may need to unplug and plug the fridge back in again to finally disable demo mode.

On some models the fridge or freezer door must be open during the reset process. Consult your fridge manual for specific details.

Do not keep food or beverages in the fridge until you are certain it is cooled. It can take up to 24 hours for a fridge and freezer to reach a stable and safe cooling temperature.

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