How to Get a Song Out of Your Head

You’re at the club one night and a particular song you’ve heard was so cool – wow, did you dance! Instead, maybe you sat at home, looking through some magazines, listening to the radio. Or, you were on your way to work while the stereo was playing softly. No matter how you heard the song, when you heard it, it was great. But later, not so much. It’s absolutely maddening when you lay down to go to sleep and the song plays over and over in your mind. Hours – or even days later – the tune is still being played, but only in your mind – as you work, try to sleep, take a shower. Make it stop! Make it stop, now! If you’re being driven crazy by a song you used to love, or even by a song you’ve only heard once, you can finally make it stop, once and for all – until maybe the next time you hear that particular song.

No one really knows why one song gets stuck in your head while other songs are heard and forgotten. But when it happens to you it’s the worse thing ever. Since that is the only song stuck in your head, though, all you have to do is replace it with a default song. When the agonizing song begins to play in your head, stop it, and begin purposefully playing a different tune in your mind. Play or sing it, over and over, until it replaces the original song. This technique is so easy to do and works nearly every time. And, as surprising as it seems, the new song won’t likely get stuck in your head as the other one did.

Replacing an annoying song with a default song can certainly get that tune out of your mind but, keep in mind that, if you play the new song in your mind, again and again too many times, it can replace the original tune, and then it can become stuck. To prevent this, just sing the replacement song only when the original song begins to play in your head. If you find yourself playing the original tune again, go through the words or the music of the new song, only when the original song resurfaces. Sing it just once or twice, then play no music in your head.

If you do happen to get the default song stuck in your head as well, replace it once again with another tune. Or, forget music altogether and, every time you think of that dreaded song, start saying a memorized poem, excerpt from a book, a pledge, or another lengthy statement. This can replace the dreaded song and, possibly, get music out of your head altogether – but just for now.

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