I Can’t Stand Republicans or Democrats

Warning: Incoherent rant incoming…

We need a third party.

No, I don’t mean a third party like the ones we have now. I mean an actual, effective group that can say with absolute certainty that the other two can jump off the nearest, highest cliff onto a bed of razor tipped spikes.

We can no longer separate morality from fiscal responsibility, religion from government. Stupid things, selfish things, keep us from seeing what we should see to begin with. Instead of career politicians, we need to start electing people who actually, at least once in their lives, had a real job. Not someone who went to an Ivy League school or served their country from a party beach in Malibu. All of these credentials that are designed to show their legitimacy somehow remove them from the actual voting public.

Fiscally, I have to ask myself wtf most of the time now. I believe we should help our fellow man, especially those at home, but look at how we are doing it. We should create an online university for every American citizen, one where we can increase our educational attainment in this country (which is sadly subpar at the moment) and reduce the reliance on student loans and grants. If nothing else, you should be entitled to an education as a citizen. Also, stop dumbing down our curriculum. Don’t just say that a child can’t learn this or can’t learn that. Spend the time. It’s actually something worth paying for.

However, welfare should be reworked. I realize that people need help sometimes. That doesn’t mean that society should become stagnant. If you receive welfare benefits, you should be required to provide community service when you are not working. Go out, tutor children in your community, and provide role models for those children whose parents are gone all the time. Keep the crime rate down and reduce the financial pain from the prison system at the same time. Just because someone tells you that you can’t succeed doesn’t make it true.

If corporations want tax breaks, bring those jobs back to America. You know those call centers that are operated by nothing but foreign workers? Single women working from home could do those jobs. There are companies out there right now that employee people to work those same sorts of positions from the comfort of their own homes. These places like AT&T could help these people get back on their feet, and in turn, help the United States recover as well. Sure, that would cut into their profits but guess what? If you want any sort of tax break you should be required to have a workforce that is comprised of at least 75 percent of workers from the United States. Increase tariffs on foreign made good and bring out factories back to life. I’d like to walk down the aisle at a store and pick up something and for once, have at least a 50/50 chance of it saying made in the U.S.A.. You do that, you bring back those jobs that people use to look forward to having, and then, just maybe, the citizens will be okay with your little tax breaks.

Remove tax loopholes altogether. GE should have paid income tax and they shouldn’t have received a 24 million dollar grant from the government on top of not paying any income tax. Pork spending, lobbying, should be called exactly what it is. It’s legalized bribery. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. That’s bullsh** and everyone knows it. This sort of crap should be done away with and done away with immediately.

Abortion, oh, the mighty hand grenade of social confrontation. Is this still even relevant? In a time when people argue over their rights to do with their bodies as they wish, and others calling it murder, what’s the point? Unwanted pregnancy shouldn’t occur in any way, shape or form. I am completely for the right to choose… to use common sense. If you don’t want a child, then either abstain or use protection. In fact, USE PROTECTION! A condom will not only essentially remove the risk of pregnancy, but it will possibly save your life. HPV is spread through unprotected sex and that causes so many forms of cancer that I can’t even begin to list them. Every single time you go to bed with someone, you’re sleeping with everyone they have slept with. Don’t do it just to keep yourself in non-knocked up status. Do it so you won’t develop cancer or a feast of other nasties down the road. But, if something does happen, why not use the morning after pill? Why is the actual abortion procedure even up for debate any longer? This should have long ago been done away with just because we’ve moved past that as a scientific society. This has nothing to do with religion or “morality”. It’s just basic common sense.

Gay marriage. Who. Gives. A. Crap. Who gave anyone the right to tell someone else who they can love? It’s none of my business, it’s none of your business, and it’s dang sure none of the government’s business. As a matter of fact, those extremist right wing activists who say it’s not God’s will for two men to lie together, I seem to remember my Bible saying that you shouldn’t judge others, and I also seem to recall a passage about the first among you without sin throwing the first stone… What two people do is their own business. If they choose to engage in activities you don’t like, then don’t look that direction.

As someone who formerly identified herself as a Republican, I am well and fed up with everything. There’s enough money for the government to fix things, but our petty differences keep us torn apart to the point that we can’t see how much of a ride the two parties are taking us for. They spend our money, they lie about where it is going by cleverly adding their little pork additions to every piece of legislation, and we sit around fighting about who is right and who is wrong. Why can’t we just accept that we are both a little right and a little wrong?

Heck, you know what?

Just let the states handle everything. Our president should handle our foreign affairs. Most taxes should go to our state governments where they can vote on how to handle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, abortion, and gay marriage in their own state. If someone has a policy you don’t like, just move. It doesn’t have to be blanket rule. We are states after all. Some of us have the death penalty, others don’t. Why not just extend that individuality while allowing our federal involvement to be what it should have been all along. The only thing that the federal branch should handle is the military and what happens overseas. That’s it. Why not let the little guy handle it for a while? The big guy has thrown up on himself so many times that a change, any change, would be better.

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