I Can’t Take Back My Eyes

I can’t take back my eyes
From you the most elegant girl.

I observe the billowing, the wavy immature,
The adolescence of ‘thy’ creature.
This is your fulfillment.
You become disgusted
It’s natural & beautiful.

You the princess of flower
Roaming hornets moves restlessly
They try to sing an effective song
In a choked voice,
To win over your attraction.

Your tremble & nimble eyes
Artfully neglects this prologues.
You trained by nature
Well-known to their customs.
You keep intact your solemnity.

Some of them blown out & gone,
Some of them wrathfully gone.
I, whom you guess a bungler
That in-expert clumsy boy astonished you,
Is now your room for an idol.

Still, even now
I can’t take back my eyes.

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