I Lost Hope

I used to think I could do anything
that I was a fighter
I lost all sight of that for a very long time
I was always skinny
thought I always would be
I took advantage of that
My lowest point was being 365 pounds and no clue how I let myself get there
I would eat and eat even when I wasn’t hungry I would still eat
My life was falling apart and I just had the I don’t care attitude
I am now in control of my life
It’s still a battle but this time I am winning and wont let anything get me down
I have lost 75 pounds and well on my way to a better life for myself and my kids
they say drugs and smoking are an addiction and food isn’t
I can’t say I disagree because I don’t know about Drugs or smoking
What I do know is food was a hard addiction and it almost killed me
I am now in control of my life
There are still times its hard but I don’t let it control my life
If I fall off the wagon I get right back on
I lost hope and sight of what’s important and so glad I got it back

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