I Run My Own Business

I am a freelance writer and I write on a full-time basis. In fact, my business has become so good that I sometimes have too much work, which is a great problem to have. While I really enjoy what I do, running this business was the last thing I thought I would be doing just a few years ago.

Hidden Talent

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never thought of it as anything more than a simple hobby. A few years ago I decided to start a website that would sell cell phone accessories and the like. My sister, who is a web designer, gave me a great lead on an SEO class to take and after completing the course, I realized that I had to come up with some quality content for my website if I wanted it to work out.

As I couldn’t afford to hire a writer, I decided to just do everything on my own. After writing content for days I gave it to my sister as she was designing the website for me. She was so impressed with what I wrote and she complimented me up and down about my writing skills. She then told me that people pay good money for quality content to use online.

Breaking in with AC

After my head deflated from the compliments my sister gave me, I decided to look into getting paid to write. I stumbled across Associated Content, which is now Associated Content by Yahoo!, and began to submit articles to them. All of the sudden I was being paid to write.

Branching Out

As much as I enjoyed my writing for Associated Content, I still wanted to write more and make more money. I put an ad on Craigslist about myself and actually got a call from the woman who would end up becoming my writing mentor. She hired me to write some articles for her clients and immediately began to teach me how to get my own clients using such resources as Guru. In no time at all I was starting to build a great looking writing portfolio and was landing my own clients.

Keeping it all in Check

Over the last year, my business has almost tripled. I still write as much as I can for Associated Content by Yahoo! and have even had one of my articles featured on the Yahoo! homepage. I continue to get work from multiple clients and a typical week has me writing about 40 to 50 pages of content that is used for websites, blogs and on and on. I am actually to the point where I can pick and choose the work I do and my life has never been better. And to think, it all started off as a total fluke.

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