Ideas for Decorating a Burgundy Kitchen

Burgundy is an excellent color choice for a kitchen, even if it covers a single wall. It is not as hot as red but it is just as bold. This opens up the door for numerous themes, style options and more. This space is considered the heart of the home, and it should reflect your personality and style. Consider these creative ideas for decorating a burgundy kitchen, and make a good impression with stylish wall decor, eye-catching tile and much, much more.

Decorating a Maroon Kitchen with Black Accents

Black and burgundy or maroon are a fantastic color combination. They greatly compliment one another, and they look excellent together. When seeking ideas for decorating a burgundy kitchen, select black accents. Do not overdo the main color. Gray can also be incorporated into the decorating scheme and theme of the space. This hue might seem a bit too drab for the kitchen, but the final results are absolutely spectacular.

Consider a Mexican Tile Backsplash

When decorating a kitchen in burgundy, search for black and claret Mexican glass tiles. They have a unique iridescence, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Consider creating a patterned kitchen backsplash. Eyes will be drawn to this area, but it does not have to become the focal point of the room. When decorating in burgundy it will become an impressive part of the home.

Decorating with Black and Maroon Wall Art

Choose dimensional metal or painted wall art when decorating a kitchen in burgundy. When displayed on a bare wall it will become the focal point of the space. The choice will depend upon your decorating style, but the options are limitless when shopping online. Search for wall art of your choice, and use it to enhance a bare wall. Even a small amount of burgundy will tie it in with the main color of the space.

Consider Black Kitchen Appliances

Black appliances look exceptionally sharp in a burgundy kitchen. If new appliances are not in the budget, buy magnetic sheeting that can be used to cover and completely change the existing color. It can be cut to size very easily. When they are in otherwise good condition, this is by far the easiest way to change the hue and bring outdated appliances into the present. They will look great in your newly decorated burgundy kitchen.

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