Ideas for Decorating a Marble Bath Ledge

A bathroom with an elegant marble tub surround can be exceptionally grand, but only if it includes decor that is equally lavish and high in quality and craftsmanship. After embellishing a bathroom with a marble bath surround and ledge, use these ideas for decorating the space. Marble is beautiful and luxurious, and it is a prime example of opulence. It can be even more extravagant when decorated with architectural antiques, candlesticks and more.

I helped a client come up with decorating ideas for her master bath, and she had a gorgeous marble bath surround that included a spacious ledge. It was important for her to have decor that was functional and stylish. She wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere for long leisurely baths, and I offered several ideas. We did not want to overdo the decor and create clutter. Less is more when decorating a small space, and we came up with a few new options that visually enhanced her marble bath.

Place Liquid Bath Products in Decorative Containers with Pumps

Bath product containers are not usually decorative or stylish. They are functional advertisements that bring down the appearance of the bath. Instead of leaving liquid items in plastic labeled containers or moving them in and out of cabinets day after day, use decorative containers with pumps.

My client had a beautiful marble bath ledge and walls with natural marble from Brazil. The material was primarily pink, and it was highlighted with black, gray and muted dots of white. Pink was the primary hue, and we chose black and silver ceramic soap pumps to hold liquid products around the ledge. Decorating with ceramic pumps combined function with style, and they looked far better than the original containers.

Decorating a Marble Bath Ledge with a Floral Display

Marble is elegant, and in a bath with luxurious style, flowers are the ideal decorating accessory. My client had a beautiful flower garden, and she regularly brought in blooming cuttings. We found a beautiful black vase with silver embellishments, and we filled it with gorgeous pink hydrangea cuttings. She kept the vase filled with cuttings week after week. They added color and life to her marble bath ledge, and they looked absolutely gorgeous.

Select a Pair of Candlesticks and Fragrant Candles

My client wanted candles for decorating her marble bath ledge, but not the usual jar variety. They had to be as magnificent as the beautiful marble bath ledge and shower surround. I suggested a pair of silver candlesticks. They picked up the natural gray variations in the marble. When outfitted with vanilla scented candles, they were exceptionally lovely, and I placed them together on the right side of the marble bath ledge.

Decorating a Marble Bath Ledge with a Tabletop Work of Art

When completing the decorating scheme of my client’s marble bath ledge, the finishing touch was an Egyptian statue. It was a stunning silver-clad copy of a marble original, and it was perfect for the ledge. I placed it in a corner beneath a window. The curves artfully reflected the natural light, and it completed the decorating scheme.

Shop for decorating accessories similar to those I used, or come up with something unique. In any case, choose your decor wisely. If items do not catch your eye, pass them by, and never overdo it. A few outstanding pieces are far better choices than several knickknacks that will simply take up space.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Decorating and Design Experience

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