Ideas for Decorating the Inside of a Camper

A camper is a real home whether it is moved from campground to campground or permanently parked, and the interior can look every bit as stylish as any residence. It does not have to be embellished with camping related decor. On the contrary, it can be brimming with decorating style and unique flair. Use these easy ideas for decorating the inside of a camper, and make it an extension of your personality and a comfortable place to call home.

Use 3M Products for Hanging Decor Inside of a Camper

Before getting started with decorating the inside of a camper, consider the types of hangers that will be used when displaying mirrors, wall art and trinkets. Unlike drywall, nails are not an option. Use 3M brand adhesive hooks and sticky squares to hang everything from small mirrors to metal wall sculptures. They will securely hold anything used for decorating the inside of a camper, and they will not damage the wall material. All it takes is a tug to remove old adhesive pads, and they do not leave behind sticky residue. Read product labels to find out how much weight specific hooks and other adhesive products hold before use.

Visually Enlarge the Space with Mirrors

When looking for decorating ideas for the inside of a camper, consider decorating options that are ideal for any small room. Visually enlarge the space with mirrors. The only difference between decorating with mirrors in a camper and in a permanent home is the security factor. They must be securely attached to walls. As previously mentioned, use 3M products to secure small wall mirrors, and be sure to attach each corner to prevent it from moving around. Mirrors will make the inside of the camper lighter and brighter, and they will make it look and feel larger than it actually is.

Ways of Decorating with Knickknacks in a Camper

Knickknacks can be a stylish and interesting part of any home, even a camper that is not permanently parked. Secure the bases of lightweight knickknacks using poster putty or adhesive squares, or keep a box especially for camper decor. When the camper will remain parked for a reasonable amount of time, pull out the knickknacks and make it look and feel like home. An ordinary plastic lidded box and bubble wrap is all that is required, and it can be easily tucked away when it is time to move on.

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