Ideas for Using Wasted Space Under Your Stairs

If your home has a set of stairs, it probably also has wasted space under those stairs. Even if the builder were smart enough to put in a closet under the stairs, the back corner has gone unused or is the place where things go to hide. Here are some ideas for making the most of the space under your stairs.

Put a home safe in the wasted space under your stairs. This is easy to do if a closet has been built under the stairs. Put in a false wall at the back of the closet where it goes deep and put in a door big enough to insert a metal, or better yet, a fireproof box to store your valuables.

Create a custom pet habitat under your stairs. Don’t make your dog live in a cold cramped crate when you can make it a comfortable home under the stairs. This is an excellent place for a large pillow, a scratching post, or a pet box. Enclose the space under the stairs creating a room, and put in a screen door, so you and your pet can see each other when they are in their “room”.

The space under the stairs can make a perfect reading nook. Build bookshelves or put modular bookcases into the space, and add a comfortable chair and reading lamp.

Create a mud room under your stairs. If your stairs are located near a door, then this is the perfect place to add a much needed place to stash coats and shoes. Add a row or two of hooks for coats, and other belongings, a few baskets for miscellaneous items, and a shoe storage bench where you can both hide and put on your shoes.

Add an extra pantry under your stairs. Have a shelving unit built to fit under the stairs where you can hide food storage overflow from the kitchen. This can be a great place for a chest freezer and extra canned goods.

Add home office space under your stairs. Use two file cabinets as a base for your desk and have a counter top cut to fit the area under your stairs. Add a couple of shelves above the desk for books and photos. Another option is to fit the area with stock kitchen cabinetry and counter top for a polished looking desk area. ‘
You can even find a use for space under spiral stairs without creating a cramped, cluttered look. When I had spiral stairs, I placed a pretty hope chest with an upholstered top under the stairs to hide shoes. There was plenty of space to sit down and put shoes on. You can use the area for a low dresser to put away keys and mail, or a toy chest for kids.

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