If OWS Fails, Don’t Ever Complain to a Company Ever Again!

If you fail to help, then don’t complain ever again. Kind of like when you don’t vote. If you don’t vote then don’t get upset about who was voted in. Same thing here.

Have you ever been upset at your Cell Phone provider? How about cable or satellite companies? Landline? Warranty companies or insurance companies? Of-course you have and you have had no problem marching your little angry self into their building to scream at their workers. Well that’s because de-regulation has allowed contracts that have never been legal to be used by these industries. Ever read your contracts? oh its good fun, try it sometime if your blood pressures has been good for a while and you insurance deductible is paid for the year. They basically say they can do anything without recourse but you are bound to paying your bill even without service in your area.

This is not a Bush or Obama thing, A Democrat or Republican Thing. This is a Right and Wrong thing.

The reason why people are upset all across the world is to protest this and getting the money out of politics. Media and financed groups who spend all day ripping on these folks trying to mix the message. First it was Bums and College Kids with nothing else to do, Then it was an organization financed by Jewish Nazi’s, then it was created by the Democrats to rival the Tea Party, Now it’s a bunch of people begging for handouts without a true message. Well here is your message: GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF OUR POLITICS SO POLITICIANS CAN PROTECT PEOPLE FROM COMPANIES AGAIN! If you fall for any of these slanted excuses just know that you have no right to complain to these companies ever again. If you choose to blindly follow a “teams line” and refuse to see what these people are fighting for then keep your mouth shut when fueling up or your energy bill shows up in a box. Smile when your wireless bill jumps 30% and don’t forget to “hi-five” your kids when your bank hits you with a $39 yearly fee. I am done with convenience fees. My voice will join those out there fighting. I will not criticize those who are camping daily and nightly to be seen and heard. I will most definitely not call them lazy from my laptop in my warm bedroom. You want to say something to these groups? Form one and stand out there too, don’t call these people lazy from your couch.

Just remember you are either 1% or 99% and the 1% don’t care who you think you are and smile the next time you have pay a bill just because the company says you do, Proudly take out your check book (Because it cost $5 to use your debit card) and pay for your way to the American Dream, Enjoy!

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