Ignoring the Signs

Diabetes: There are some signs that you may have developed this condition. Frequent hunger and thirst and an increased amount of urination are three symptoms. Fatigue can also be caused by the problem.

If you ignore these symptoms, you may lose your sight, a limb or your life. The disease attacks several parts of your body, and the results are horrific. If you are at risk for this disease, don’t wait for symptoms. Get regular tests so you can stop the damage before it starts.

Gout: This condition is hard to ignore. It’s very painful. However, if you don’t do anything about it, chances are good it will spread to other joints. It will also lead to tophi; lumps under the skin usually on the fingers and ears.

Worse, ignoring gout can lead to kidney stones and kidney damage. The uric acid crystals lump together, straining the kidneys. The result can be a very ugly, painful death.

Chest Pain: It may not “just be heartburn.” If it happens a lot, go see your doctor. Chest pain can be caused by not enough oxygen reaching the muscle. It can also be from arteries that are stressed because of blockage. It’s best to find out before the heart attack and not after. After may mean you’re in the morgue, not the recovery room.

Kidney Stones: The pain usually starts on one side of the back and radiates around towards the front. It may start insignificantly, but ignoring it will increase the pain.

It also increases your risk of dying from it. The ducts in your kidneys are important. They bring blood in to be filtered. The duct leading to your bladder is the one carrying the waste products. If that gets blocked, the urine can’t go anywhere. It’s not a pleasant feeling, nor is it a pleasant way to die.

Lumps: Women are told to do monthly breast exams, checking for lumps in the hope that breast cancer can be caught early. Women aren’t the only ones who can get breast cancer. Ignoring an unusual lump is not a good idea.

Some lumps may be simple and nonlife threatening. Tendinitis can cause lumps, as can various other injuries. However, if the lump is unexplainable, it needs tested. If it is cancer, catching it early could mean the difference between life and death. Cancer left unchecked can spread to other parts of your body. Even if the original cancer is reasonably treatable, metastatic cancer may not be.

As you can see, it is important to pay attention to any sign your body gives you. If something is happening that you don’t understand, your doctor does not mind taking a look at it. It could save your life.

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