Immortal Vengeance

Lorelai sat in a fetal position on the floor as she tried to catch the blood from her nose. She tried desperately to hide her helplessness. She gazed up at her husband and wondered who he really was. He use to be so loving, so caring, so gentle. Now nights like these were becoming more and more likely. Lorelai’s pleading was never heard.

“I told you to have dinner ready”, her husband yelled.

“I’m sorry Athan, it won’t happen again”, she swallowed on her words. Athan helped Lorelai from the floor. He held her face to keep control.

“I don’t want to do this, please stop making me. I am sorry. I love you, but you have to listen”.
Lorelai nodded her head, still shaking from the assault. It had been a mere six months since they were married. She gave up her whole life for who she believed was prince charming, but he had deceivingly become her inescapable nightmare. This was the fourth beating in the past week.

With no family or friends to turn to, Lorelai intently stared out of the window ponderng her new husband-her new life. She wiped the single tear from her cheek. Lorelai was imprisoned by the very man she thought loved her and would protect her. Her decisions that have brought her into this situation replayed over and over in her mind.

“Why did I leave my family? They never liked him. I should have listened to them. Now they are miles away and I have been forgotten”

Athan announced that it was bed time. Lorelai quickly turned from the window and followed him to the bedroom. He fell asleep, but her mind kept her awake.

“I rather die than be his slave for the rest of my life.” With little to lose, Lorelai worked up the courage to put on her favorite black dress and flat sandals. She ran for the field a little less than a mile away.She opened the bottle of home-made death potion derived from a variety of poisons found in the home. Lorelai took a deep breath and opened the bottle. The smell was enough to turn anyone’s stomach, but she was determined. She pinched her nose.

Then, suddenly she heard a strange noise, almost like a hissing sound. Lorelai looked around only to conclude that she was alone. She, once again, held her nose and put the bottle to her mouth only to feel something directly behind her. Lorelai turned around to see a pale being with fangs displayed.
Lorelai jumped back in fear. The being grabbed Lorelai’s shoulders.

“Relax mortal, this won’t hurt for long. I will show you real life”, the being said.
The pale entity grabbed Lorelai again. Her skin was cold to the touch. Lorelai braced herself as the fangs entered in her flesh.

Lorelai woke up in a dark, unfamiliar place. She was weak, and felt very different. The being finally introduced herself.

“How are you feeling. My name is Amelia.”

Amelia walked to an old bookshelf in the corner of the room. “I wasn’t always a vampire, you know. I was a broken soul, just like you, until I was turned when I was 20 years old. I would have been dead a long time ago otherwise.” Amelia opened the scrapbook she retrieved from the shelf. It contained stories and pictures of Amelia’s mortal life.

“Why am I so weak? I want to get up.”

“Here, drink this. It will give you energy”

Amelia handed Lorelia a goblet of red liquid. Lorelai hesitantly took a sip. She immediately spit it out.

“You’ll get use to it, my dear. Blood is your new energy. Try again. Drink slowly, it is the only way to build your energy.”

“I wanted to die!” Lorelai exclaimed.

Amelia responded, “I know. That is precisely why I turned you. I could have taken your last breath, but your blood seemed soiled. Your soul radiated pain. My dear, you now have the opportunity to take control of your life. There is no reason for fear any more. Allow your tears to dry”.
Amelia left the room. Lorelai contemplated her new future. She was confused, but never felt so alive, even in all her frailty.

Lorelai got stronger and stronger everyday thanks to Amelia’s efforts. Amelia taught Lorelai all she needed to know as a vampire. Their bond grew into a sisterhood of sorts.

Lorelai began to realize the opportunity she had been given. Her fear no longer consumed her. Now, she was the source of fear. She used her lividity to make a ruthless reputation. Lorelai’s wrath became well known and feared.

Several months after her disappearance, Lorelai ventured back to her husband’s home. She focused into the window to see Athan giving affection to another woman. Lorelai chuckled in misbelief, but she wasn’t surprised.

“I’m just glad we don’t have to hide anymore”, Athan told his mistress. She laughed in pleasure.

“What ever happened to her?”

“I don’t know. She was lost, but now I can find you. Let me take your pain away”

Lorelai was disgusted by the conversation. It was familiar to her. Athan had given Lorelai a similiar speech.
Athan glanced at the window. Lorelai swiftly moved from focus. He returned his attention to his new woman once again.

Lorelai flew to the top of a near-by tree. She was famished.

“You should stay tonight” Athan begged.

“I can’t. I have to work in the morning”.

The mysterious woman exited the house and into Lorelai’s wrath. The woman screamed, but was quickly silenced. Lorelai wiped the blood from her lips and hid the body in the nearby woods. She didn’t want Athan to be afraid. Not yet.

Lorelai visited Athan’s home every night for weeks. Her patience grew thin. But she starved for revenge.

Lorelai witnessed many women leaving that home. Many never returned. Lorelai was well fed.

Finally, the night had come. Lorelai, once again, stared into the window to spy on Athan. He was alone.

“Why is she ignoring me. She hasn’t called me back?”

Lorelai tapped on the window. Athan walked closer to investigate. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Athan turned around. He was startled to see his wife.

“Hello Athan”, Lorelai said with a smirk. Athan struggled to find his words.

“Lorelai? Ar-are you alright? You don’t look very good”.

“I’ve never been better. How is my husband? Was it lonely without me?”

“Where did you go, Lorelai? Why did you leave me in the middle of the night? I cried for days!”

Athan’s voice was shakey, but was gaining his familiar authority. Lorelai crept closer to her husband.

“It is a long story. Won’t you welcome me home? Why does my husband not run into the arms of his long lost wife?”

Athan remained still in confusion. Lorelai continued to slowly move closer. Finally, she got close enough to touch him.

“I’m sorry baby. Everything will make sense soon. For now, let me make it up to you.” She began massaging his shoulders.

“I didn’t want to do this, but you made me. I am sorry. I loved you, but you should have listened.” Lorelai said in a mocking manner. She forcefully tilted Athan’s head and slowly bit his skin.

Athan woke up in the same room Lorelai had recovered in.

“Do you understand yet, my love?”, Lorelai asked sarcastically.

Athan muttered, “Where am I? What’s going on?”

Lorelai stroked her husband’s hair. “Our roles were never in cement”. Athan attempted to get up from the bed.

“You are too weak, Athan. Just how I want you”. Lorelai retrieved one of many cold syringes containing blood. She gave Athan a few drops.

“This is your new nourishment.”

“Is that..blood? Why are you drinking.. what did you do to me”

“My love, you can no longer hurt me. You will never be strong enough to. Now I am stronger than you.”
Amelia and the other vampires of the clan entered Athan’s den.

“I will be the only one to care for this man. He is my beloved husband. He does not concern any of you. Leave him to me or my fury will be well known”, Lorelai ordered. The other vampires eagerly agreed. They all developed a respect for Lorelai.

“This is our new home, love.” Lorelai opened the curtain just enough for the sun rays to hit only Athan’s cold flesh. He screamed in pain.

Lorelai smiled in content. “I’m so glad to have you back, my love. It’s been too long. This is only the beginning.Til death do us part”.

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