Important Safety Tips for BMX Riders

Like most extreme sports, BMX riding is dangerous and comes with a high injury rate. So to stay safe and out of the emergency room, wear safety gear. As a BMX rider, I’ve experience everything from minor cuts, bruises to major injuries. So I’ve learned firsthand the importance of wearing a helmet, knee pads and other pieces of equipment when riding. Here are some tips to stay safe.

Wear the right safety gear.
The most important piece of safety gear that all BMX riders should have is a bowl helmet. Its made out of hard plastic material to protect the head from injuries. Make sure it fits properly and doesn’t slip over your eyes. When riding a vertical ramp, wear a full-face helmet for more protection. To prevent your knees from getting scrape up and breaking bones, wear knee and elbow pads. Most of the knee and elbow pads that are available today, are lightweight and comfortable. Wearing gloves can help you maintain a strong grip especially in the summer when sweat can loosen your hold on the handlebars. The right shoes is also a necessity when riding. Clipless shoes are great because they allow you to lock you feet into place, so they don’t slip out when racing.

Check your bike before you ride.
Before you ride, check your bike for any mechanical problems. Everything should be tight and in working condition. Also check your brakes and make sure you can stop quickly. To ensure safety, you have to keep your bike in good shape.

Stay within your limits.
Growing up, I use to do a lot of crazy tricks to show off to my friends which usually landed me in the hospital. So to avoid that, I encourage other BMX riders to ride at their level. If you’re just learning the sport, don’t try and do a flip or a spin. Practice in a foam pit or somewhere safe, so if you fall, it wont result in major damage.

Injuries are going to happen but with the right safety precautions you can keep them at minimum. Invest in quality safety equipment like helmet, pads and gloves and conduct regular bike maintenance. It only takes a split second for something to happen, so don’t put yourself at risk. There’s nothing worse than getting seriously getting seriously injured and not being able to ride again, all because you didn’t wear the right gear.

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