Improve Anxiety and Depression with Creative Therapy

Creative therapy is something you can implement on your own if you’re someone who fights depression, anxiety, or any other mental health malady that hinders you from living a more pleasant existence. I first heard about it from a co-worker, and after taking steps to use it in my own life almost daily, I find that my mild depression, and more moderate anxiety levels do experience some relief. Here are a few of the ways I use creative therapy to improve anxiety and depression in my own life.

Creative Cooking

If you have a family and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it won’t be too difficult to accomplish some creative cooking dishes for them. What works best for me is to decide on a meal or two sometime during the week that is more out of the ordinary than what I normally cook. I find that cooking something from another ethnic group, or more gourmet and exotic than what I’m normally known for cooking keeps me upbeat and motivated to prepare different meals and deliver them to the family. It’s also highly rewarding when the family is pleased with the change you put so much thought into. Then as a result of that, I find I’m even more motivated to come up with another yummy tummy pleaser that’s out of the ordinary.


Nothing elevates my spirit more than creating a batik, or ceramic piece or perhaps something whimsical that some of my kids can work with me on. When I’m doing some art with the kids, even some simple sketching on a sketch pad, or gluing a themed collage together can be an easy way to create an art form that can be displayed on your walls or refrigerator. Sometimes working with your hands, and the kids in a creative way can be an uplifting experience.

Different Forms of Exercise

Try putting some thought into switching your exercise routine too. Often, doing the same exercise routine for awhile can result in dragging yourself through the routine which keeps you from enjoying your exercise time. Why not try something out of the norm for what you usually do? Perhaps some yoga, or tai chi, or any other type of exercise you don’t regularly do will create more motivation by warding off any anxiety and depression you experience. Sometimes I find learning a new way to challenge my body helps me feel like I’m expanding my knowledge and awareness of other ways to stay physically fit.

Being more creative by thinking outside of the box regarding new ways to manage your daily routine, can pave the way to more motivation and generate a feeling of well being.

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