Improving Intellectual Skills with Video Games

It was in mid 70’s only when the video games became the tool of fun and entertainment. After that the gaming industry did not look back. In the next few decades, the entertainment industry is going to see the height of new video games that will amaze the users. This is a era of innovation and technology that has revolutionize the gaming industry.

The new strategies and techniques are constantly adopted that are much exciting and appealing. The video games can be played on anything including the hand devices, mobile phones, consoles and on computers. The video games are interacting and thus have increased the popularity and growth in the industry.

There are different companies that make games. There are companies that have expertise in designing computer games. As the young generation loves playing latest games, these companies are successfully catering the needs of this specific age group. Its astonishing to see the variety of games that come each day. The updated versions or the latest ones keep engaging the users. This is important to mention here especially while talking about this booming industry. There are adventure, action, educational, simulation, role playing, math, logical, business and strategic games among the various types of games.

A multi-million dollar investment is required for the designing and development of the video games. However the market has a lot of growth potential and this can be estimated from the percentage of youngsters present around the world.

Industrial experts are of the view that video games are beneficial in many ways like:

· It enhances the imagery and skills of the individual · The speed of reaction increases and so the senses · Complex skills can be acquired easily with the help of video games · There are institutions that encourage playing video games so that multi disciplinary and vocational learning can be encouraged. · Research has shown that video games are helpful to deal with different phobias like of water, height, confining space etc. · The language and learning disabilities can be cured with the help of computer video games.

Excess of anything is bad thus the addiction of computer games must be avoided. If used occasionally, the benefits would be of maximum level. Moreover, certain behaviors leading to aggression and violence that may be learned from video games must be avoided. Parents must be cautious about the fact that there children do not learn any negative thing from games.

Consistent and measured use of video games is recommended. It surely increases the intelligence of the player, but also depends on the selection of the video games. Children should play math and puzzle games because it enhances their mental capabilities. For people of younger age strategic and business games are better because it helps them to understand what should be a reaction or decision in a particular situation. Some games are for the passing a time like dress up games, cooking etc , which are not only light but also refreshes the mind. Video games impact the way of thinking and there are some games that help the children to identify their hidden talent and help the mental capabilities to work.

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